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Building an Effective Internal Audit Function in the Public Sector

22 Sep 2021
16:10 - 17:00

Building an Effective Internal Audit Function in the Public Sector

Level: Basic, Medium, Advanced

Beili Wong, Chief Internal Auditor, is passionate about building an effective and modern internal audit function, which adds value and contributes to the success of the organization. In this session, Beili and Paul Forgues (Executive Director, IIA Canada) will have a fireside chat about her experience in building a successful internal audit function in the public sector. 

Their conversation will involve several elements on how to transform the internal audit function and optimize service delivery.  The following are some of the highlights for the fireside chat:

  • The IIA’s Three Lines and its application in the public sector.
  • The importance of strategic planning for an internal audit function.
  • What Beili mean when she states, “We are in a relationship-building business.”

The theme for this year’s conference is Pivoting in a Reimagined World. With the global pandemic and its impact, audit professionals and organizations need to be Resilient, Resourceful and Responsive. Beili will reflect on how to evolve and thrive within the context of COVID-19 as an internal audit function.

The presentation is to be delivered by Beili Wong, Chief Internal Auditor (OIAD) and focus on her leadership and approach. She will speak about actions, approaches and initiatives in building an effective internal audit function in the public sector.