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Intelligence naturelle dans un monde d’intelligence artificielle

22 Sep 2021
14:20 - 15:10

Intelligence naturelle dans un monde d’intelligence artificielle

Level: Basic / de base

Before COVID-19 swept across the globe, there were very high hopes that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning would help governments, researchers and health care providers learn from past events and behaviours to help plot a response. It did not take long for those hopes to be dashed.

AI is only as good as its data, and when subjected to seismic change, so too are machine learning’s predictive powers. “Machine-learning models are designed to respond to changes,” wrote Will Douglas Heaven, a senior editor at MIT Technology Review. “But most are also fragile; they perform badly when input data differs too much from the data they were trained on.”

Articles like this have caused me to rethink the role of AI in our lives, both now and in the future. Prior to the pandemic, we were often taunted with the threat that computers would soon be controlling our lives.  We’re tantalized by the idea of self-driving cars and traumatized by the idea of having our health assessed by a medical application rather than a physician.
However, as the pandemic has shown us so clearly, these machines are only as good as the data, and the humans inputting the data. Our current crisis is a reminder that AI will always require smart people with the competencies to not only find the right ways to apply the new technology but to also make sure it is used appropriately especially in case of drastic changes.
In other words, Artificial Intelligence cannot reach its full potential without Natural Intelligence.
In the current debate over the future of technology, Natural Intelligence and its focus on the important role of people is truly the counterpoint to AI and its dystopian corollaries.
The session will focus on precisely defining the traits and competencies leaders can focus on to maximize AI in the work environment and how to develop them.